This afternoon I head to CATG’r Dr. Myles Dixon’s office for a little neck/back fix. Been having tension knots in the shoulders and headaches. Myles was explaining to me over the weekend how the human melon (aka head) weighs 10-12 pounds and that if our heads drop forward an inch they become 20 pound weights on our neck muscles and spine. Because of the physics of it, another inch forward makes it a 30 pound weight and you can imagine the related problems from that extra weight.

So, posture is important. Leaning forward like I’m doing right now at the computer is a no no. Do you suppose down and discouraged people struggle with feeling lousy overall because of the melancholy slump?

While meditating even more on this essential, optimistic, Oh Yeah! ’08 attitude, this whole deal of the weight of the downcast head got me thinking about how God is the lifter of our heads. It’s my favorite title of God. Imagine the physical and physiological problems that result from a down cast spirit (which is evident even in our posture). God says, Chin up!!! Lift up your heads O ye gates and let the King of Glory come in!

The answer to our discouragement and negativity is time with the Lifter of our Heads! Lift your head and praise Him!