Joy is contagious.  So is a critical spirit.  Spend time with God and you’ll notice your level of faith (or positive outlook) increases.  Some of the doom/gloom we walk in (not all) is fully demonic.  I know there are normal cycles and ebbs and flow in the range of human emotion and feeling but I’m talking about the real connection between demonic oppression and depression.  One of the devil’s delights is to steal our joy. We’ve seen many in our deliverance ministry freed of a downcast spirit.

This Oh Yeah! ’08 attitude that I’m saying is critical as we begin this new year is something the devil is already warring against in my life.  I’m writing this while waiting for the heater repair guy to arrive.  It’s 50 degrees inside my house right now, I’m guessing 6 degrees outside.  It’s only a matter of time now before I freeze and die.  And, the reason we are having this problem is because our well pump needed replacing yesterday and that was $800. Ka-ching. We discovered the well pump needed replacing when we called to have the plumber come and out diagnose our low water pressure problem.  He fixed that by putting in a new pressure tank – $400.  Then he figured out the well wasn’t getting enough water in fast enough, thus the new pump.  And I’m guessing now that something with regard to the new pump installation messed up our geo-thermal heat pumps.  Did I mention I had to plow a path through rock hard ice/snow to get the well repair guy out to the well and the snow truck wouldn’t start?  This is a small example of what people go through in life on a larger scale. It’s one negative thing after another. And we develop this “another negative thing is just around the corner” mindset. We look for it and say it is so even before it is.

And to co-comiserate, people in this state of mind somehow find each other and group up. Birds of a feather flock together. In any church, unhappy pockets of people can be found. The best thing to do if you are in one of those groups is realize it for what it is and get with those who have life-giving things to say. We over come by the word of our testimony. Testimonies are stories of victory. Get with people who have testimonies on the tip of their tongue. I know the Bible says “weep with those who weep” but that does not mean “whine with those who whine!