Many CATG’rs know Billy Hornsby who is one of my overseers, leads the Association of Related Churches and a close friend, fellow hunter and co-conspirator with me in our zeal for church planting.  Billy and Charlene have the best marriage I’ve ever seen and that comes through strong here.  Charlene has had numerous bouts with cancer and has seen God heal her miraculously in the past.  A few on our prayer team already know that she was recently diagnosed with cancer again and I’d ask that you join in fervently praying for God to give us more years with her. Please share this powerful witness with everyone you know.

Use the comment link to offer a prayer or encouragement to Charlene and Billy. Their daughter Tammy is married to my friend Pastor Chris Hodges. Let’s pray for them too and all the grandkids. We will show this at our weekend services in a few weeks. 463 people got saved after hearing it at Church of the Highlands last weekend. Wow!