At our city church service last Sunday night I spoke about a pessimist and an optimist who both stayed up ’til midnight this past New Years Eve. The optimist stayed up to see the new year in. The pessimist stayed up to make sure the old year really left! I made the point that there is some stuff we have to leave behind in last year. How ’bout we leave all negativism and pessimism behind!

’08 is is the number of new beginnings. In Hebrew, eight corresponds with the letter chet (rhymes with mate) which looks like a gate or door and represents entering and God’s invitation to come into more of Him.

When we were in Kansas City last week, Kristen had a vision of the numbers 2008 but, as-she-saw-it, the eight then turned on it’s side. Being a dummy, she had to explain to me that an eight on its side is the symbol of infinity which has ancient origins depicting an hour glass turned on its side. Obviously, this action would cause the hour glass to take infinite time to empty.

We’re not sure what all this means except the strong sense that God is inviting us into a kairos time. Expectation and anticipation are high going into ’08!