My world is increasingly bigger than I can manage.  Those around me regularly tell me something has to change.  I’m making some of those changes so I can go the long haul.  One of our trustees told me this past year he senses God telling me to “play to my strengths” this coming year.   

One of my strengths is putting my thoughts on paper.  I guess I should let you be the judge of that – but even so, every one of us ought to have some sense of what we are good and gifted at and also the areas we are weak.  My wife tells me I can’t write a short email. I type as fast as I think. I hate the phone. So, I’m going to blog.

I also want to increase my exposure to people.  Being an Introvert (did you note the capital “I”?), the circle of those who converse with me is limited.  I’m hoping this blog will change that and give many people an opportunity to talk to me.  I’m hopeful that through this venue the people at Church at the Gate will feel they are current with what I’m thinking and dreaming for our life together.  My hope is to connect with people I’d never have a chance to visit with during a weekend service.